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Re: Outsourcing customer support, SEO, Link Building, WordPress Blog to Virtual Assistant..

Dear Internet Marketer,

If you want to survive in Internet marketing and online business then Customer support is vital for you but hiring a fulltime employee to do your customer support, online research, SEO, manage your domains, update your minisites and blogs etc can burn your pocket.

Let me ask you a Question…

Do you really feel energetic and creative enough to come up with cash-generative ghost ideas and planning for your business strategy to expand it in new region and joint ventures after spending an hour on your ticketing board/replying to customers email?

You can't find even one rich and successful Internet Marketer, who is answering to his/her customers/clients ticket because they know the power of Outsourcing and value of their time.
Now, you have got the opportunity to hire a virtual assistant.

Let me make it short, I'm offering you my virtual assistance and support services.

You would probably never have had this opportunity to work with me, if I wasn’t looking to fill up the spare capacity in my current work schedule.

How much would your family and friends appreciate the fact that you can make time for them instead of corresponding with your customers.

Have the hours that you’ve spent doing support over the last few months really improved the Quality of your Life and business or can you see why it’s time to get this issue handled right away?

Can't you create a new product or strategy in your free time to stay ahead of your competitors?  Do you have too much work in your plate? Why don't you consider hiring a virtual assistant?

Benefits of

  No overhead costs.
You do not pay for over time. You pay only for the time your virtual assistant work.
You don't have to worry about payroll taxes, insurance, paid vacations!
You don't have to worry about paid holidays or sick leaves.
You don't have to pay costly employee benefit packages.
No hiring expenses, such as advertising and interviewing. Hiring Virtual Assistant is easy.
No training costs. We are professionals and experts in our field.
We work in our office. So you don't have to buy expensive equipments, computers.
You don't have to pay for our electricity bills, office rent etc.
No expense for you! No obligation for long contract.

You may face legal notice, if you dismiss your employee! but In case of Virtual assistant, you can cancel your contract any time, if you are not satisfied with our work.
Of course, no legal hassles for you.

No expense or down time training a new employee.
If your company relocates, we can still continue working with you.

In short, "YOU" are In-Charge. You Save Your Time, Energy And Money! You can now Focus on Your Business.

Our virtual assistant services

Customer Support/ Email
: Keyword Research

:- Manual one way link building
:- Manual Article submission
:- Create, Update or Maintain Minisite

:- Integrate PayPal or ClickBank on your website

:- Moderate blog/ Forum comments
Google Adwords (PPC) management
:- List your items on eBay ( I have also worked for eBay.com customer support)
:-  Domain registration and web hosting services
:- and much more...

Now you will be thinking... how much will it cost you to hire your own personal virtual assistant?
You can’t put price on our integrity and honesty. But, don't worry! I have designed various package that can suite your need and requirement and that too without burning your pocket! :-)
No need to be locked up with exclusive contracts of $1100 or above per month.
Additionally, we can help you to setup your own ticketing board, blog, forum etc.
Choose the BEST package as per your requirement and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Affordable virtual assistant rates

VA weekday II Customer Support

I will answer your support tickets/mails 5 days a week (Monday-Friday).
Twice a day . Estimated time to answer your support tickets 1 hours per day.

Monthly Charges: $287  $149 /month
Effective hourly rate: $6.77 /hour
Click here to order now

Your payment will be processed on secured server.

VA Popular weekday Customer Support

I will answer your support tickets/mails 5 days a week (Monday-Friday)
for all your products or websites. Twice a day.
Estimated time to answer your ticketing board 2 hours per day.

Offer Price:  $480  $199 / month
Effective hourly rate: $4.52 /hour
Click here to order now

Your payment will be processed on secured server.

Virtual assistant Premium Customer Support and Live Chat

Your support tickets will be answered 7 hours a day 5 days a week for all your products or websites.
+ After answering tickets or mails, We will help in building links, SEO, assist in creating and maintaining Minisite, Niche Research, PPC management, Article submission, Moderate Blog/ Forum.

Offer Price: $1600  $999/ month.
Effective hourly rate: $6.48 /hour

This is ONLY for IM gurus. Contact Us if interested

Website or Blog Maintenance
 Let us take care of your blog and website maintenance or techie stuff. We will  keep  a regular backup of your site so you wont have to worry about it.

Offer Price: $97  $47/ month per site

Our other VA services

SEO assistant basic

On-site Optimization
Site Analysis
Search Engine friendly URL.
Meta tags
Improvement of Title tag
Heading Tag
Anchor Text
Page Limit Size recommendation
Number of links on a page recommendation
Sitemap development and submission to search engines.
Robots.TXT development.
Keyword Research
Image Alt Tag Optimization
Design and internal Linking
Off-Site Optimization
Link Building  
Social Bookmarking (Web 2.0 Promotion)  25+
RSS Feed submission 25+
One-way backlink
Manual Directories Submission 100+
Submitting to the Search Engines 100 (1st month only and then not required)

Price: $217   $149 / month
Click here to order now

For more SEO options and Details Click Here

WordPress Blog Basic

What you will Get?

                             1. A simple and Basic Blog.
                             2. 10 plugins and 1 theme installed on it.
                             3. 20% Off on VA hourly task for 180 days.

  $27 Only
Note: Discounted Price Valid till 

For more Blog options and Details Click Here

Tailor-made virtual assistant

If you want tailor-made support for your ticketing board, SEO One-way Manual link building, article submission, data entry, research, blog/forum posting, moderating Blog/forum comments, Create/backup/update minisites etc then Please contact us with details of your requirement.
Click here to contact us or email us at info @ esupportguru.com You can also chat over IM on Yahoo!/MSN/Google messengers. 

virtual assistant rate $8-40/hr depending on flexibility, duration, and skills required.

First Name:
Email address:

We will refund unused money,
if you are NOT satisfied with our work.

You have nothing to loose. You have everything to gain.

Have Questions???
Open a Support Ticket
Or Chat with us Live
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Act fast! our schedule is already tight. Once we have received few more subscriptions we will shut the doors and may not re-open soon.Order risk free.

To your success!
Dilip & Tab
Virtual Assistant for Internet Marketers

P.S. We are going to stop taking new subscription, very soon. So act fast before we close the doors.

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